Does My Business Need A CRM?

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A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a central location where you can organize the details related to your customers, across all departments at your company.

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How to Tell if Your Business Needs a CRM


Your customer data is hard to locate

As your business grows, email, spreadsheets and sticky noted limit your team’s customer interactions, and your ability to make informed decisions quickly. A CRM gives your organization a powerful source of accessible data that can drive sales.


You don't know what your sales team is up to

It’s always essential to know how your sales team is performing. A CRM allows all team members to update important details and follow-up conversations from their smartphones. So all information is instantly available for you to see no matter where you are.



You're unsure about your  path to grow

Do you know if your organization would be able to handle a potential growth and rush of new business? A powerful CRM system is customizable enough to overcome any business challenge as your company evolves. 


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Why Use a CRM?

A CRM is important because it collects, organizes, and manages all of your customer-related information. This allows you to track the buyer’s journey for every lead or customer you interact with and communicate with.



CRM can help automate everyday tasks.



CRM means greater efficiency for multiple teams.



CRM helps turn you into an improved organization.

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CRM Implementation & Consulting

- Importing of contacts via .csv provided by client (up to 2000 contacts)

 - Customization of property fields
 - Basic form creation to track leads
 - Drag and Drop Email Marketing Basic template creation
 - Website Chat configuration
 - Training to staff (up to 4 people)

 - Includes a quick reference guide

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