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In this page you will learn about the following:

  • Introduction
    • Importance of graphic design

  • The Fundamentals
    • Typography 
    • Page Layout 
    • Printmaking 
    • Photography 

  • Applications
    • Logos and Branding
    • Magazine, newspaper, and books 
    • Advertising 
    • Web Design 

  • Conclusion
    • How important is Design for your business?


Let's start with something simple:
What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of:

  • typography,
  • photography
  • and illustration.

The most vital part of graphic design is how the layout and images communicate effectively to a specific audience.

The importance of Graphic Design.

It can be difficult to tell graphic design and visual communications apart sometimes, since the two are often confused as nearly identical in nature. When we dig deeper and analyze, we can really see that graphic design is a bit different from visual communications. Here is a whole article on the subject.

People will learn a lot of broader topics in the communications field and they will be responsible for a more comprehensive approach to communicating with their clients. As for graphic design, it is focused on making a visual representation and use it in advertising or web design.

The Fundamentals


You should plan and decide first what font to use even if it may seem arbitrary. There are a lot of fonts to choose from and it may be a bit challenging to choose which font does fit for your market. To make it easy, you should first know who your target audience is and what your identity as a market is too. Next, be diligent enough to scout how your competitors are using their fonts and look for similarities and trends and then find a way to stand out from your competitor’s fonts and styles. Lastly, you should be aware of font chemistry and this means that the body of the text should be easily readable and complement your header or title.

Learn more about the Psychology of Fonts in Media here.

Fonts have the ability to convince and control the reader’s emotion and take advantage of it in their content. When you're reading a story, changing the font enables the reader to be a part of exactly what they're reading. Other than creating good content for your website, SEO service agencies also know how to take care of the fonts which count as part of the visual marketing strategy.

Page Layout

To achieve a perfect book, you will need to follow certain methods and rules. But first, make sure you have the following tools before you begin:

  1. Straight Edge
  2. Piece of paper
  3. Pencil 

Bookmakers have known the secret to create a work of art or the perfect book. A canon is a system that has been shared among them. This is where the pages and blocks of text agree with one another, and it becomes a harmonious unitHere is what you need to know about page harmony: here


Did you know that 37% of marketing experts conclude that visual form of marketing makes up the most vital part of content for various corporate industries? It’s an innovative business model that shouldn't surprise you. This is because research says that 65% of the human race learns visually. What does that contribute to visual marketing, you may ask. Since a large portion of your target market are said to be visual learners, they will be able to understand the message that your brand wants to convey to them in a more efficient and effective manner. Read our blog to learn why good photography is necessary for your marketing and business.

The famous idiom that a picture is a worth a thousand words is classic yet effective business strategy when it comes to marketing your brand and reaching a lot of people. This has been tested and proven by media influencers like the Kardashians. Their impact on the brands they have handled has created a strong following of clients. This goes to show how powerful imagery can be in social media. You can learn more here.

The invention of phone cameras made it way to easier and more convenient to take photos wherever you go. No need to carry with you a separate camera – people are too lazy for that nowadays. Also, there is no need to load it on your computer to view it in a wider screen, or so you can make some edits. Smartphones got you on that. However, one serious challenge is  how to take good photos with your phones. Here are some tips you may want to try.


Logos and Branding

Colors speak louder than a thousand words. It has a major impact on how we perceive the world around us.  There has been studies that suggest that the psychology of color does not only have influence in the way our food tastes, medicines work, or in the way we feel, but it can play a massive role in our brand preferences. So much, that it may even influence our buying habits. Read more to learn how to pick the best color for your logo.

With this, there should be a deliberate thinking when it comes to choosing the right colors for your company logo. The power of a logo is massive, so choosing the right elements can be challenging. You should always remember that choosing the right color for your design that matches your business and the message you want to convey can be tricky, since each color scheme has its own meanings. It is also important to pick the right color scheme that can attract your company’s target market that elicits positive emotions. You should be able to put yourself firmly in the shoes of your customers so that you can find a color scheme that reflects their preferences, habits, and interests.

When designing a logo, there are a few things that you need to consider, such as colors, fonts, and shape. Do you know why your logo is important for your business? Keep in mind that the logo of your brand is considered the lifeblood of your business. This is the strongest representation of your company. Think about the decision procress of your client, trying to choose from so many other products or services that are the same as yours. Nowdays, people make quick decisions and most of them, judge a book by its cover.


Originally, when Pantone was founded in the 1950's, they manufactured color cards for certain cosmetic companies. It all started when Lawrence Herbert, a young chemists, realized that during the company’s process, there was a bigger problem - color standardization was lacking. In the graphic industry, a huge amount of reprinting and even reworking was done with the absence of communication on how the colors are reproduced. Not only that, but consistency was not present.

If there is something that most people would like to perceive in a different way, it has to be color.

Web Design

When you're ready to hunt for an agency to develop your own website, most likely there are several questions that run into through head. One of these questions is how much will you be spending on your website. You know that you want that beautiful, modern website with a lot of graphics, features, great usibility, and most of all, you want to make sure that your website is optimized for lead generation.


How important is Design for your business?

These days, whether you like it or not, regardless of the size of your business, design is essential. You have to admit that in the business industry, the effects of printing, packaging and branding  is considered as the lifeblood of the business. Your sales depend on the design you have created. Read more here.

How to find the perfect Design Agency?

Digital marketing and graphic design are two basic thing that you really need to work on, for any company to be successful, it should be on your top priority list. Some companies tend to hire talented people to do all of the digital marketing and design work. While this type of method is beneficial for your company, there are times that you need to dig deep and look for that extra push. That is where outsourcing comes in. A lot of big names are making money nowadays outsourcing because according to them, it costs less and the manpower is always available. If you are planning on outsourcing, you will need to find an agency to get you started.

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